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Cathy Berggren is the Executive Director of the Real Life Center (RLC), which was, established in 1998 and is a highly respected and recognized nonprofits in the South Atlanta Metro area.  It now has a staff of ten, three facilities and houses a three acre orchard to care for hurting families.

Cathy holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration with over 28 years of experience in a variety of community work, including,  adoption, domestic and civil mediating, family care and community collaboration. She is passionate about helping individuals and families create positive change in their lives.

Her background has helped her create and develop an innovative process of holistic care at the Real Life Center which, was designed to encourage change as well as implement measurable goals with an improved follow-up process for client families. This program has a 90% success rate of stability in the home and 75% success rate of families meeting half of their goals in a year.

As an Executive Director, Cathy has demonstrated the ability to lead and develop teams of people.  She has strong skills in organizational development, fundraising, and working with diverse people and environments. This can be seen in the RLC staff and volunteers of whom she oversees and the continual growth and expansion that RLC experiences from year to year.

Cathy’s strong management skills, community relationships, understanding people and the ability to think strategically has allowed her to successfully analyze an organization’s requirements, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities, and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Cathy’s insights are amazing. Her ability to articulate and accomplish explain how she has been able to touch so many lives. Thank you Cathy.

  2. Very impressive, Esp the interview with Fayette Woman last December.
    Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday.
    Lon Tenny

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