The Every Day Leader: The Story of Why

Why is it that the word leadership often times sends shivers up a person’s spine?   Is it because we associate leadership with responsibility?  Whenever I would hear someone speak of a leader, I immediately would immediately think of a person that was a leader by position.

 I never once saw myself as one.

Most of my life had gone the way I had planned. Then life, as it often does, took some unexpected twists and turns and hard times indeed came. I somehow thought that because of these detours that my life was less valuable. The broken relationships and shattered dreams had left me hurt, broken, and defeated. I quickly lost sight of the value that I had to offer because of the journey I had been on.

My journey was not over and I soon poured myself into helping start a nonprofit, of which, I eventually became the Executive Director. It was at that moment, like it or not, I was now in a position of leadership, both with my team and in the community.

                       Cathy and Wayne,  at the Real Life Center

Along the way, I realized that being a leader is not about titles and positions, it has nothing to do with being in the limelight. 

Being a leader is about influencing those around you.

As I began to understand this, I realized that we are all leaders if we choose to be.

We all have a circle of influence, the people around us that we encounter or are close with. You don’t have to be at  the top of a large corporation, but you can be.  You can have influence at your child’s school, at the grocery store, in small team meetings, at home, when volunteering, and  many other places. God gives us opportunities everyday to influence others.  We simply have to choose to take advantages of those opportunities.

No matter what, no matter where… YOU can be an Every Day Leader. 


This is why I started the Every Day Leader: Live a Life of Intention. I wanted the “reluctant leader” and those who have never seen themselves as a leader to understand that God has given all of us the opportunity to lead.   I long for each of us to understand that we can be a leader of influence. It takes being intentional.  It is by choosing to be intentional in how we think and live that we can make a difference in the lives of others.

Part of being an Every Day Leader is first seeing who you are, then choosing to intentionally lead. That first step starts with how you see yourself and how you view leadership. The more intentional you are each day in how you think and live, the wider your sphere of influence grows.

Each of us has been given an opportunity to influence. How will YOU use that gift today?

The Every Day Leader: Live a Life of Intention!

6 thoughts on “The Every Day Leader: The Story of Why

  1. Beth,

    Thank you for your kind words and for reading the blog. I am so glad it resonated with you. I believe each of us has a story that can be used to make a difference in the life of another and when we allow ourselves to be used in that way it is powerful and can change those we encounter.

  2. Cathy, WOW! Love the simple explanation and love the story of how the Lord has used you. You are one incredible woman who inspires the rest of us. So many are scared to give their time for fear of what they will be asked to do next, but your simple answer of “just be you and just make a difference” is so true. Let the Lord lead, all we have to do is follow.

    Thanks for your amazing words.

  3. Michelle,
    Thank you so much for reading the blog and for your encouraging words! We all need to be encouraged – thank you! So glad that you are also living your life to make a difference, Love that! May you truly be blessed!

  4. Cathy what an inspiration you are! I know everywhere you are touching lives and making an amazing impact. So many people don’t understand they can choose a kind word and transform someone they don’t even know. The person at the grocery store on the register – anyone. You don’t know how their day has been, or if they have caring people in their life. Sometimes that one word will transform someone’s day. Thank you for all you are accomplishing. God is truly using you to reach out to His kingdom and make the difference!

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