The Every Day Leader: Pressure Cooker

I used to help my mother can. Growing up on the farm and having a big family – we naturally had a big garden. It made sense to can our produce and save it for the cold winter months. Looking back, I am amazed at how my mother knew how to do it all.


I would stand at the stove and watch the pressure cooker as it did it’s magic. It was only when the jars were in the pressure cooker that they were securely sealed and ready to go on the shelf.

Have you noticed…People are a little like that.

Pressures have a way of bringing out what is inside us: the good, the bad, and the UGLY.

If we prepare and keep a check on who we are on the inside, when the pressure comes (and it will come!) we will see that we are able to put into practice all that we have learned and all that we know.

If however, we have not prepared it won’t happen. We will not be able to stand firm, speak truth and do what we know to do. We will crumble, allowing the circumstance or people to trample us and lose ourselves in the process. It is just like cooking, preparation is key to avoid an explosion.

Have you experienced a time of pressure? How did you fare? If not, are you ready to face pressure that may come your way? How are you preparing?

Pressure comes…it can come in the form of dealing with people issues, changes at the workplace, making a major decision, financial, new products or business and even from within ourselves to be better and do more. Every day leaders know that preparation is key and vital to survival.

Every day leaders take the time they need to be ready to handle things that come their way. They know that when they do, it allows them to be their best, to make good decisions, and to lead with greater influence those around them.

4 thoughts on “The Every Day Leader: Pressure Cooker

  1. Walter,
    Thank you for sharing your insight. Well said – I know we may not always know what is ahead. I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on being purified in the process! Thank you for reading the blog.

  2. I have faced many pressures like most of us. I was not prepared, but I had faith, through the worst times of life I know it is like purifying metal in a furnace. Our imperfections rise to the surface so they can be removed. I’m not sure you can truly prepare for all pressure though, the biggest lessons were learned when I couldn’t see it coming. Even though I am now much more stable than before, I have spent many years assessing the inside, yet I still crumble under pressure sometimes. Only not for as long or as deeply as before. Nice post..Blessings to you!

  3. Hi, Cathy,

    As much as I enjoy your posts, I’ve decided to go on an information diet. I’ve tried to unsubscribe by using the link at the bottom a couple of times, yet I’m still getting them. Could you please unsubscribe me?

    Thanks much,


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