What will 80 Look Like For You?

Today is my mother’s eightieth birthday.

She has never had a POSITION of leadership.

She had never had any great TITLES.  Yet, she has influenced thousands of lives over her lifetime.

My mother is a great example of an everyday leader.

She has touched the lives of many, simply by the way she has lived her life.

There has never been a time that she has not cared for a neighbor, that she has not modeled love to another, or that she wasn’t investing in her family.  Being the youngest, I not only felt secure and loved – I was taught all of the things that have made me who I am today.

Through her kids alone and her investment in each of us, there has  literally been thousands of lives influenced through women’s ministries, children’s programs, books written, conferences and programs.  That does not include any of the lives touched through her nineteen grandkids or twenty-six great grandkids.

How are you living today?  What are you choosing to invest in?  What will your life look like when you turn eighty?

No titles, no positions.   Just the farm. 

Choosing to live intentionally.  Choosing to live a life of influence.  Knowing that the  moments matter.  This is what the life looks like of an everyday leader.

Everyday leaders choose to make a difference in the HOW we live each day.


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