The Every Day Leader: The Farmer in all of US

One of my favorite Super Bowl commercials this year was Paul Harvey in “God Made A Farmer”, advertising the Ram truck. You had to look hard to see exactly what the product was that they were actually advertising. It was subtle throughout the short clip, but the Ram truck was there, standing strong and dependable helping the farmer.

Growing up on a farm, this commercial got me right from the beginning. It drew me in and kept me until the very end. I know what it is like to get up early, plow fields, milk cows, all the while being resourceful, caring for family and the community. I watched my parents model all of those things to me – day in and day out as I grew up on our dairy farm. Though I haven’t lived on a farm for many years, those lessons that were instilled in me never went away… there is a bit of a farmer in all of us.

This commercial was a beautiful tribute to those who work the land but also to all of us who share those same values: pride in our work, dependability, reliability , trustworthiness, and community.

As leaders we need to strive to embody those values and display them to all those we influence. One of the main values stressed in this commercial was dependability.

It didn’t matter if a calf was be born at 2 am and chores started again at 6 am…my dad would be there. Despite the business of the farm, if a neighbor needed us, we were there. If you were tired, you didn’t stop for an afternoon nap – too many things depended on you.

Dependability seems to often to be missing in this day and age. People are quick to say they will do something and then don’t. As leaders dependability is seen in our consistency to lead in the right ways, it is showing our staff and those we influence that we have their backs.

Yes there is a bit of farmer in all of us and if we let it…it just may come out.

Every day leaders are dependable, even when we are tired or stressed.

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