The Every Day Leader: Not Quitting

Did you see Penny Palfey, who at age 49, was attempting to swim from Cuba to the Florida Keys?  I was amazed at the incredible drive and endurance she displayed even though she wasn’t quite able to make it the entire distance.  As I saw clips of her swimming hour after hour I wondered just how she did it. 


There are days when everything seems to turn out much differently than planned. 

Life gets messy.  On those days there is a fleeting thought that…

I just can’t do this

I am ready to quit

 If we are honest with ourselves, there are probably many times that many of us get discouraged on the journey we each face.  There is the unpredictable of life,  we may be hurt deeply along the way, life just wears us down and entangle us at times.

Finishing the race feels overwhelming

Everyday leaders know that quitting is not an option and neither is running away

 We know that there is purpose in going through the journey of our lives.

 We know that even on the hard and long days we have the chance to make a difference. 

Where are you on the journey? 

Are you in the middle of one of those long and hard seasons of your life? 

Are you wondering if you can make it?

Hope is an incredible thing.  When we hold onto the hope for tomorrow we are renewed.  We can take that extra step, we can run a little farther, swim another mile, knowing that each moment offers a new beginning.  Each moment is a new opportunity.

 Don’t give up 

Hope for tomorrow 

 The Every day leader intentionally makes a difference. Intentionally chooses to keep going and to hold on to hope.

The Every Day Leader: Finding Meaning

Work. We all have to do it; in fact most of us will spend 35-40% of our day working. I recently read a quote that read: “life without meaningful work is meaningless”. I have been thinking about this quote all week, it has made a huge impact on me.

Are you just going through the motions each day?

So many people work at jobs that they are not passionate about. Can it still be meaningful? Can any job be meaningful?

No matter where we are or what we are doing we can intentionally choose to find meaning. As we do this we are not only impacting those around us as an every day leader, but we are also enhancing our own lives! We begin to embrace every moment that has been given to us. Our lives take on a new meaning because we know we are being used to make a difference. This happens in our jobs, at home, wherever we are.

As every day leaders I believe that when we are intentional we begin to think differently. Our eyes are opened to the many places and ways that God can use us to make a difference.

It starts with us.

It starts with a willing heart and an attitude of wanting to make a difference, to make our lives count, to have purpose in each day.

The Every day leader chooses to find meaning in their work and have purpose in their lives. Living differently, seeing life differently, choosing to make a difference.