The Every Day Leader: The Script

Everyone has one, though we may not talk about it, we may not acknowledge it is there, but we all know and have seen the effects of that script in our head.

Who wrote yours?


The messages slip in almost unnoticed.

they creep…slowly…quietly…steadily…

The words come from trusted sources: unkind words spoken from a friend, the mistreatment from a spouse or loved one, and disrespect from a boss.

The words come from being out of work for months and the rejection of the job search. They come from the loss of a loved one and the rejection from a divorce.

The script plays over and over in our head, and we buy into the lies it spreads. We begin to wonder…


Do I Matter

Does My Life Count?

We question and find it hard to believe that there is a God that could really love us enough to send his son to die on a cross for us. We question if we are valued enough for His death. We think if I were the only one would He still have come to die?

We keep our wounds and continue to hurt inside, we stay disappointed, disillusioned, and continue stuffing the feelings further down – believing the script in our head must be right.

Is a $100 bill any different in value if it is crumpled?  Image

We know the value is unchanged in money whether, it came from the pocket of our jeans or from a bank drawer, and yet we refuse to see our lives or the lives of others in the same way. We think that if our lives do not look nice and or feel nice that somehow OUR value has changed.

No matter what we have experienced, no matter what we look like, no matter how we view ourselves the truth of the matter is our value is still the same and Christ would have still come and died for us.

It is time we rewrote the script in our head with the words of truth from our creator:

You are treasured

You are chosen

You Matter

You are loved

You are made in the Image of the Giver of Life

Jason Gray, a popular Christian artist, wrote a song called Remind me Who I am for those times that we struggle to remember:

When I lose My way,

And I forget my name,

Remind me who I am.

In the mirror all I see,

Is who I don’t wanna be,

Remind me who I am.

In the loneliest places,

When I can’t remember what grace is.

Tell me once again who I am to you.

Who I am to you.

Tell me must I forget who I am to you.

That I belong to you.