The Every Day Leader: Keep on Walking

We just celebrated mothers day….I had a great day with my kids, talking to my mom on the phone, and enjoying the day.  It  was a day that makes me thankful for my family!

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Holidays and special occasions are also a time that can remind us that things may not always be as we have planned.  There are often subtle things that seem to jump out to say that life doesn’t unfold the way we expected it to.  This is true in my life – it has taken lots of turns that I never expected.

Maybe it is a broken dream, a broken relationship, things at work, or financial struggles; whatever it is…life is often unpredictable.

Our journey can be  filled with unexpected twists and turns along the way and the holidays often bring it to the surface.

What about your life?  Has it taken some unexpected turns that are hard for you to get past?  Are you stuck?

Like anything else, we have to intentionally choose.

We choose what we focus on.

We choose to see the positive instead of the struggle.

We choose to walk through the hard stuff, instead of run away.

We choose to keep going, knowing there is always an end in sight.

We choose, because we know that it is up to us.

We choose because we know that nobody else can do it for us.

We know that as we keep walking we are growing.  We are learning.  We are changing.  We keep walking to become better.

We choose.

When we choose, we know that with each step we take  it not only changes us, but it can make the difference in the life of another.

It’s the power of influence.  It is touching the lives of those around us.  It ‘s what we do as every day leaders.  Choosing.  Walking.  Growing.  Changing.  Impacting.  Even when the path has taken a different turn!

The Every Day Leader: Knowing When

Growing up on a farm I always knew that there were some years that were better than others – even as a young kid.  The weather was always the big determiner.  Often in the conversations I would hear my parents talk about the rain – or lack of it, and how it was going to affect the corn.  I spoke to my parents this week, and the conversation of the heat, lack of rain and the effect on the crops was one of the first things they talked about. 


One of the factors that will make a big difference on the crops is the timing of the lack of rain, especially combined with the high temperatures.  If there is no rain during certain stages of growth it is much more detrimental than at other times.

Timing is so important to the Every Day Leader too.  The product life cycle shows stages of timing: when to launch, when the product is at its peak, and  when to retire the product. The timing of launching a new company can make or break that company the first quarter. Even in our relationships with those we lead and interact with, timing is key in knowing when to say something and when to keep quiet.

 It is all about timing.

 As leaders, we must first be aware of our environments.  We need to know the people we are leading, the circumstances that surround us, and what is coming up ahead. Looking ahead and seeing the implications of how things can and will affect those we lead and the environments we lead in are key.   We must think ahead to the impact.

Leaders trust their instincts and are confident in their decisions. No matter what leadership role you have, we must intentionally pay attention to the details so we know and understand timing and it’s effect in all we do.  Making a significant change without proper planning can have a negative impact, even if it is something great.

The everyday leader  listens, is in tune to the circumstances around them and is able to think ahead. This allows us to navigate through decisions and timing as we lead and influence others.

The Every Day Leader, living a life of intentional timing.





The Every Day Leader: The hardest word to say

We have all heard it.  We don’t want to disappoint.  We think we have more time than we do.  We have many things we want to be a part of, yet, at some point if we don’t learn it, it will have devastating effects on our lives

Two little letters, but a HUGE impact…

There are many times we may even have the “N”  just about to roll off of our tongue, yet in the moment when someone asks, we can’t seem to get the single word out.

As every day leaders there are many things for us to be a part of that are all good things.  We may want to help a coworker, employee, volunteer or even a friend.  We may sit on the board of a very good non-profit.  We want to do our very best on the projects or assignments set before us.  The list goes on.  Perhaps deep down, we have a check in our spirit knowing this is not a wise decision.

I know.  I find myself in this place more times than I care to admit.  Sometimes it is because I don’t want to disappoint, I want control of the finished project,  or maybe it is because I  think it is a good way to spend my time.  Perhaps I may even think I can learn from it and be better.  Yet, when I am not willing to say no there are consequences…..I may miss the opportunity to spend my time doing something that is a better use of my time.

Time is one of our most precious resources that no matter what – we  all have the same amount of hours, minutes and seconds in every day.  It is not something we can buy or ever get back.  When I am intentional to think about these concepts, I am more apt to say no.

The bottom line is that every moment matters.   Each moment is a moment for something that we choose.   A moment we will never get back. 

How about you?  Are you intentional to choose how you spend your time?  If we really stop to think what is really important in our lives, we may find it easier to say no – even to the good things, so that we can have something even better.

Every day leaders, choosing to spend our time in such a way that we make a difference; willing to say no, for the opportunity to say YES.