The Every Day Leader: Knowing When

Growing up on a farm I always knew that there were some years that were better than others – even as a young kid.  The weather was always the big determiner.  Often in the conversations I would hear my parents talk about the rain – or lack of it, and how it was going to affect the corn.  I spoke to my parents this week, and the conversation of the heat, lack of rain and the effect on the crops was one of the first things they talked about. 


One of the factors that will make a big difference on the crops is the timing of the lack of rain, especially combined with the high temperatures.  If there is no rain during certain stages of growth it is much more detrimental than at other times.

Timing is so important to the Every Day Leader too.  The product life cycle shows stages of timing: when to launch, when the product is at its peak, and  when to retire the product. The timing of launching a new company can make or break that company the first quarter. Even in our relationships with those we lead and interact with, timing is key in knowing when to say something and when to keep quiet.

 It is all about timing.

 As leaders, we must first be aware of our environments.  We need to know the people we are leading, the circumstances that surround us, and what is coming up ahead. Looking ahead and seeing the implications of how things can and will affect those we lead and the environments we lead in are key.   We must think ahead to the impact.

Leaders trust their instincts and are confident in their decisions. No matter what leadership role you have, we must intentionally pay attention to the details so we know and understand timing and it’s effect in all we do.  Making a significant change without proper planning can have a negative impact, even if it is something great.

The everyday leader  listens, is in tune to the circumstances around them and is able to think ahead. This allows us to navigate through decisions and timing as we lead and influence others.

The Every Day Leader, living a life of intentional timing.





The Every Day Leader: Your Attitude is Contagious

She sat down next to me on the bench, and out of nowhere began to share her story.  The line that stuck out to me was…“it was a blessing in disguise”.  She had lost everything including her home in a tornado. Yet, she could say it was still a blessing.  She was demonstrating an incredible attitude to me, a stranger.   I was no one she needed to impress, I was not someone in her circle of influence, and I was probably  not going to be someone she ever saw again.

I know her first name and really not much else, but in just those few minutes I spent with her she inspired me.  She was being an every day leader by her contagious attitude about life.  I didn’t know what she did for a living, I didn’t know her family background, her beliefs,  or her history, but what I learned in that short conversation had an impact on me that will last the rest of my life. I was reminded that our attitude is contagious.  She turned a difficult situation into a positive one and shared it with me.   I want to model that attitude.

This encounter was a great reminder to me that our attitudes play a huge role even in the most unexpected places!  I am amazed at the influence we can have on people we don’t even know.  We each have the ability to be someone of influence and that influence can be positive or negative…our attitude can be contagious!

YOU are that every day leader!

How easy is it for us as people to go about our every day lives, doing our own thing, keeping to ourselves  and not even noticing others or taking the time to speak to those around us. How many times have we been at a coffee shop sitting outside and not even say hello to those walking right past us?  Perhaps we never even noticed them. Think about all the opportunities we have each day to influence others – often times it can be as simple as the attitude we demonstrate or in how we react to our own circumstances.

We model to others by how we live our own lives.

What are you modeling?  What are others seeing? Do they see someone who sees the good in life…the blessings in disguise?  Or do they see someone who complains, wonders where the good is and who struggles with life issues?

Modeling a good attitude takes work and LOTS OF PRACTICE.  As every day leaders we must be intentional to model an attitude that is positive and contagious to those around us.  Doing this does not come naturally! 

Your attitude does impact those around you…even a stranger. 

Just like Diane sharing her story reminding me about blessings in disguise, I want to  be intentional in my attitude, making a difference in the lives of others.

An Every Day Leader, Living an intentional life.  Making a difference with my attitude.